This guide covers the most common functionalities on the StorAxxS user dashboard. A full User Guide has been provided that covers everything you need to know about the system.

This guide is intended for site staff to operate the access control system via a desktop computer or mobile app.

Web Browser Admin Dashboard

This can be accessed by any modern web browser at:

StorAxxS Mobile Apps

The mobile app can be downloaded by scanning the QR code or directly from here:


Admin Dashboard

  • After logging in you will be shown the Site Map in the main area.

  • The navigation is on the left and can be expanded or contracted with thesymbol

  • If you have access to multiple sites use the site selector in the top left to change sites. 


Account Management

By clicking on the circle with the user’s initials in it in the top right hand corner of the dashboard, the user can access their own account settings, and can check information about their account, as well as reset their password or site PIN.

  1. Details

Shows all relevant details of the user, such as name, email address, phone number, and ID number.

  1. Tabs

  • Permissions: Shows what user permissions a user has. They can have multiple permissions (for example, someone can be a Site Manager at three different sites, and would have three different rows).

  • Activity: Shows all open/close/lock/unlock activity performed by this specific user.

  1. Actions dropdown

From here, users can edit their own account details (name, email, phone, etc), change their login password, or change the PIN code they use to open gates on the site.

Site Map Overview

  1. Map dropdown

If a site has multiple maps (for example, a ground floor and a first floor), click this dropdown to swap between maps.

  1. Site background

We create a background or outline of the site that we place our units over the top of. This layer of the map can’t be interacted with, and is locked down from our end.

  1. Units

Each unit on the site is marked on the site map, and provides real-time lock, door, rental and alarm status information. Specifics of the unit icons will be covered below.

  1. Control Icons

From top to bottom these icons control:

  • Enabling/Disabling Edit mode

  • Show the legend

  • Recenter the map

  • Zoom in/Zoom out

Site Map - Control Units

Clicking on a unit on the site map will display the unit pop-up

  1. Unit and area name

This area shows the name of the unit, as well as what area it’s in. Most sites will only have a single area.

  1. Status tabs

These tabs show the following statuses:

  • Normal/Clean/Repair: Shows whether the unit is in a normal state, or if it has been set to Clean/Repair and needs attention.

  • Closed/Open/Jammed: Shows the door status, and whether it’s currently open or closed, or if it’s an automatic door, whether the door is jammed.

  • Locked/Unlocked/Overlocked: Shows the lock status, and if the unit has been overlocked due to a customer’s nonpayment.

  • Vacant/Rented: Shows the rental state of the unit.

These statuses also show when hovering over a unit on the site map (see left).

  1. Door control

This dropdown allows you to either lock or unlock the unit remotely. If it’s an automatic door, the door will also open.

  1. Latest snapshot

Click this dropdown to show the latest snapshot that was taken by the camera in this unit. This may be from a door opening or closing, or from an alarm triggering.

  1. Clean/Repair

Set the unit into a Clean/Repair state, marking that it needs attention in some manner.

  1. Close

Closes the pop-up.

Customer List Page

Clicking on the “Customers” item on the left menu will show this page.

  • The ‘New’ button will mostly be unused, as almost all customers will be added into the system via the Sitelink integration.

  • The email column will be empty until a customer has signed up for the StorAxxS system. Customers ingested via Sitelink’s software will not have an email address.

  • The dropdown at the bottom of the page allows you to change how many rows per page are displayed, up to a maximum of 100 rows per page.

  • Clicking on a customer’s name takes you to their details page (see below)

Customer Details Page

NOTE: Editing customers directly from the StorAxxS dashboard should be kept to a minimum, as the majority of customer information is brought in when the system synchronises to Sitelink. Editing customer data can cause discrepancies between the two systems.

  1. Details pane

This section displays contact information about the customer.

  1. Access Control and Activity tabs

These tabs show what units a customer has access to, and their recent open/close activity on site, respectively.

  1. Access permission action dropdown

This dropdown allows you to remove customer’s access permissions when one is selected via the checkbox in the row. This shouldn’t ever need to be used, as access permissions are added and removed automatically during the permissions ingest process from the Sitelink software.

  1. Access Permission

Each unit a customer has access to on a site is added as a new row into this table. It shows what the unit is, what site it’s on, if they were invited as shared access to the unit and an expiry date for timed rentals. There is also a dropdown that allows you to lock or unlock units directly from the customer’s page.

  1. New permission button

This button allows staff to create and assign access permissions to a customer directly, without going through Sitelink or the Fort Knox booking flow. This isn’t recommended, as it will cause a discrepancy between the StorAxxS and Sitelink systems.

  1. Customer Actions dropdown

Allows staff to edit customer information, such as:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Postal and billing addresses

    Note that this will also cause a discrepancy between the StorAxxS and Sitelink systems, and isn’t recommended.

This dropdown also allows you to delete a customer from the StorAxxS system.

Units List Page

From the left menu select “Site”, then “Unit”

This page shows all of the units onsite at a glance. Units are added either by StorAxxS staff prior to site setup, or by installation staff at time of onsite commissioning.

The main function of this page is to remotely lock or unlock units, and to check the Lock and Door statuses of units at a glance, indicated by the icons on the right hand side of the page.

  • Red lock = Unit is locked

  • Green lock = Unit is unlocked

  • Red door = Unit is closed

  • Green door = Unit is opened

    The statuses are not linked in any way, so a unit can be opened and locked, for example.

The other columns indicate, from left to right:

  • The name of the unit in the StorAxxS system.

  • The type of unit in the StorAxxS system. This is usually ‘storage’.

  • What site the unit is located at.

  • What StorAxxS Unit Controller is assigned to the unit.

  • The current rental status of the unit.

  • The ‘ingest name’, or the name of the unit in the Sitelink system.

Unit Details Page

This is accessed by clicking on a unit in the Units page

  1. Name, ID, Lock and Door indicators

This section shows the unit’s name in the StorAxxS system, its ID number, which is mostly used for troubleshooting with StorAxxS support staff, as well as the current state of the lock and door (locked or unlocked, and opened or closed, respectively).

  1. Door control dropdown

This dropdown, like the ones on the customer details and units list pages, allows staff to remotely lock or unlock the door from the dashboard. The icons above will update in real-time to reflect the status change.

  1. Details pane

This side menu lists all relevant information regarding the unit, from its name, the site it’s at, the area it’s in, and what controller it’s connected to.

  1. Set Clean/Repair

This checkbox opens up a window that allows staff to set the unit into a clean/repair state, marking it as needing attention for some reason. Staff can enter a note when setting the status that can be reviewed later.

  1. Tabs

  • Activity: Shows opens, closes, locks and unlocks as well as if the unit goes into an alarming or clean/repair state.

  • Access: Shows all customers and users who have a direct access permission to the unit, either via a booking, or through manually setting an access permission.

  • Shared Access: Shows if there have been any shared invitations for the unit sent out and accepted.

  1. Activity log

Shows all of the activity of the unit as noted above, as well as allowing staff to check snapshots taken at each state of the opening/closing process, along with a date and time of the event, and who performed the action, either customer or user.

User App functionality

Once staff have downloaded the StorAxxS app relevant to their organisation from the app store, they can sign in by opening the app, tapping on one of the tabs at the bottom of the screen to show the login button, tap the login button, then tapping ‘Staff login’ underneath the login button, and then putting in the same credentials that they use on the dashboard.

The main list page breaks the current units down into headings. Tap on a heading to expand the dropdown and show the units underneath the heading. If a staff member has access to multiple sites, they can change site by tapping the site initials in the top right corner.

Dropping down the heading shows units that are within that heading. Staff can also just search for a unit by name by using the search field at the top of the page.

Tapping the checkboxes to the right of the units allows multi-select to unlock multiple units at once. Tapping on the unit row itself opens the unit detail page.

The unit detail page’s main function is to allow users to lock and unlock any unit they need to at will. Simply press the button and listen for the linear actuator lock to move. The status on the app will update in real-time based on the lock and door state of the unit. This page also shows what controller is attached to the unit at the top.

Bluetooth Access

Sometimes the internet at a facility is unavailable or the StorAxxS hub is offline, however, the storage unit door can still be operated using the StorAxxS User App. 

Upon recognising that the internet is not available, the StorAxxS app will automatically attempt to communicate with the unit controller using the mobile device’s Bluetooth signal. If the Bluetooth connection between the mobile device and the unit controller is successful, the storage unit door will unlock.

This process is seamless for the user. A message (see below screenshot) will be displayed informing the user that ‘fallback to Bluetooth’ will be attempted.

If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the storage unit will unlock.

Sitelink Integration

If you are using Sitelink for customer bookings then the integration will have been set up on the PC in the site office that runs Sitelink. 

When customers have their PIN code pushed from Sitelink (on payment or pre move in) our system will automatically pick this up and:

  1. Create a customer if there’s no matching customer in StorAxxS with that mobile number

  2. Add a booking and unit access for the customer

When a PIN code is cancelled in Sitelink this will also be cancelled in StorAxxS